Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Top Australian Wine Producers turn to Organics

In what is a huge endorsement for the practice of Organics in viticulture, some top Australian wine producers are now turning to the practice.

Grosset, Pewsey Vale (Contours) & Torbreck which are in the official Langtons Classification of Australian wine (only iconic/high quality producers that have been consistent for more than 10 vintages are considered for this classification) are now practicing organics in the name of quality, vineyard health and sustainability.

While Grosset have in essence always maintained that they have had a minimal intervention and natural approach to wine making, it was only after a 3 year period of assessment ending in February this year that they achieved certification. “Grosset Wines has been at the leading edge of sustainable viticulture since planting the Gaia vineyard in the 1980′s” said Grosset in a statement on their website “and we see this independent certification of our vineyards and winery as an extension of that commitment".


Mount Horrocks, another well known quality producer, has as well gained ACO (Australian Certified Organic) certification very recently. Stephanie Toole from Mount Horrocks puts it simply "The organic approach offers benefits in terms of health as well as ecological sustainability".
It is great to see major wine brands that are both lauded for their quality and are also within the mainstream retail environment (eg. Woolworths/Dan Murphy's being one of the major purchasers of the above mentioned brands). This, I believe, is a critical tipping point as consumers and growers alike start associating quality with organics.

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